Talk About Scrum

Nowdays some companies in Indonesia already implemented Scrum managemeny system such as : Icon Plus PLN, PT INTI, Adira Finance, Jatis Mobile, Garuda Indonesia, IBM, Microsoft.


Frederick Taylor theory of scentific management :

The art of management changing, in the past managenet has orientation to a personal based management. But nowdays using system based management.


Peter Drucker (1960):

Knowlwdge worker can not be managed because they are no longger using hand (physical activities for their work) any more. Knowledge worker almost using their brain power. Knowledge worker will lost their creativity if we manage using conventional method. So it can not be managed using conventional methode. We should be using proper method for knowledge worker.

For example : Programmer do not same with smith.


Winston W Royce (Creator of waterfall model method) :

He said “Waterfall model ia risky and invites failure, because it leaves testing until the end”


AGILE concept > into Schrum

Schrum in simple way come from a methodology for agile software deelopment. But for more it can also describe as a management method for project. The history of scrum began in 1986, two person from Japan Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka describe a new method for commercial product deelopment. By using this method it can increase speed and flexibility.

The scrum method take a lesson from rugby game. In this game every component of the team have important duty to support a team. In this method job for every person can be cross over to optimize the performance. For the next years after the idea was born scrum method developed into advance level until nowdays.

In general scrum have some main component such as :

  • Scrum Master

Scrum master is name for manager in scrum team. This part also have function as a team leader. It also call as core compenent to make sure scrum methodology run well.

  • Product Owner

This part represent a stakeholder and the business. This part have function as funding resources and owner from scrum team.

  • Developer Team

This part have functional field execution in scrum method. This represent workers or labour in a project. But in scrum the workers have more responsibitily because they are knowledge workers.

In scrum single process of project called as Sprint. In a sprint scrum team make their own goals and in the end of the sprint they are make evaluation together for themselves.

References :

  • Public Lecture Scrum, 10th April 2012 by Mr. Yoshua Partogi.
  • Schwaber, Ken. 2007. The Enterprise and Scrum. Microsoft Publisher. USA.

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