Sehat Sutardja : Future Vision from Indonesia


Sehat Sutardja is the chairman and co-founder of Marvell Technology Group. Sehat was born in Jakarta year 1961. His company moving on micro electronic industry. Sehat really intersted in electronic since he was child. Then after he finish senior high school he continu the study at United States university in the major of Electrical Engineering. More over Sehat also take Ph.D at Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Those two fields of study have made important role for Sehat busines.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Scinece made Sehat know how to made good micro electronic tecnology. As we know, nowdays the industry of micro electronic have important role for gadget industry. Scince 21th century begin, the computers technolgy are no longer identic with desktop computer that have large scale size. Now people are begin to make smaller and portable computer. Small size computerize system have been applicated in many electronic device such as mobile phone, and tablet pc.

The development of small size computer also accompanied with the development of software technology. Many of software was developed together with the micro computer technology such as Android operating system. Bechause of that the development of software application must be appropriate with the micro electronic component. This way show that the importace level of software engineering. It’s talk about how software can support the performance of hardware, more over how software can incrase the performance of the device.

Bechause the importece level  of relation between hardware and software, Sehat take two field study in Ph.D program. He take Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This way show the relationship between software engineering and hardware engineering. Thats also make Sehat know and understand hardware and software, then Senat can produce microelectronic device that have good compability level with software. This is one strategy of marketing, when the product can be accepted easily in the market bechause of the compability factor.

More over software engineering must be have more relations with semiconductors industry. For example when the industry do the design process of semiconductor, it must be help with software application. And people who make the design application not only understand about software engineering how to make computer application, but also understand about semiconductor design. Bechause of that in Marvell Technology the relationship between semiconductor design (field of electrical engineering) and and software engineering (field of computer science) is very important.

Marvell Technology have been succes to colaborate thats factors that make Marvell’s one of the leading semiconductor company in the world. And one thing that make us proud, the owner and co-founder of this company is an Indonesian.



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